Jason Johnson

Teaching Statement

      To me there is no greater honor, privilege, or responsibility than to engage in shaping the minds of tomorrow.  Our entire future as a species hinges on simultaneously facilitating the maturation of our understanding of the universe around us and our value as people to one another.  

Research Interests

  • Irrationality

  • Problems Related to the Distribution of Primes

  • Fractal Geometry

  • Effective Teaching

  • Math/Science History


  • Programming (Perl, C, Python, VBA)

  • Theoretical/Laboratory Chemistry


  • University of North Florida (BS Chemistry 2004)

  • University of North Florida (BS Computer Science 2005)

  • California Institute of Technology (MS Biochemistry 2007)

  • California State University of Northridge (Math 2009 graduate, but not degree seeking)

  • University of North Florida (MS Math 2014)

  • University of Florida (PhD Math Present)



  • International Kinetics Conference (Solvation effect on hydrolysis of phenylchloroformate)

  • Alladi60

  • JMM 2017


  • Graduate Mathematics Association President (2016-current)

  • Graduate Student Council Representative (2016)

  • Graduate Student Council Chairman of Graduate Student Affairs (2017-current)

Professional Experience

  • Mayo Clinic (E4 allele and early onset Alzheimer's disease 1999)

  • Mayo Clinic (Acetominophen Induced Liver Failure 2002)

  • University of North Florida (Mass spectrometry determination of water contaminants 2002)

  • Mayo Clinic (Biomarkers for Alzheimer's Disease 2003)

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield (scripting and programing 2003)

  • Vistakon (Synthesis and production of novel silicone polymers 2003)

  • BuffersUSA (Website development 2004)

  • California State University of Northridge (instructor 2008-2010)

  • Stanton College Preparatory School (instructor 2014-2015)

  • University of Florida (graduate TA 2015-present)

The University of Florida 

Department of Mathematics

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